Liposuction for Men


As men age, they are at risk of accumulating areas of fat that distribute to specific places, namely the abdomen, the flanks (also called “love handles”, the chin, the neck, and also the breasts. Men are starting to request cosmetic surgery with increasing frequency, although still less than women.

These male areas of fat deposition can be effectively treated by liposuction. In most men, liposuction alone will correct these areas without necessitating any skin excision. This is because the skin in men retains its tendency to contract (elasticity) more than women do, thus men can achieve a highly desirable result just by liposuction without needing formal excision of loose skin. However, excision of loose skin may be necessary in some men during or after liposuction, whether in the abdomen or the breast.

Some cosmetic surgeons also offer men the possibility of abdominal etching, a liposuction technique that creates a muscular, ripped appearance in the tummy.