Is there an age limit for liposuction surgery?


Let us divide this question into two: Is there an age minimum to undergo liposuction surgery, and is there an age maximum for liposuction.

Is there an age minimum for liposuction surgery?

Generally speaking, there is no age minimum for liposuction and every case is evaluated on an individual basis. Because liposuction, like any surgery, entails risks and can have permanent consequences on the human body, it is important that a patient has matured both physically and mentally before an elective purely cosmetic procedure. In addition, a patient needs to be of legal age to make a fully informed decision and consent for a liposuction procedure, otherwise parental consent is required for patients under 18 years of age.

While there is no medical contraindication to operating on a patient under age 18, the individual case circumstances need to be taken into consideration. In order to avoid interfering with the development of a healthy body image or stigmatizing anyone’s particular body shape or size, the decision to undergo liposuction under age 18 necessitates a frank and detailed discussion between patient, doctor and parent(s).

Liposuction is usually indicated to get rid of fat resistant to diet and exercise after these methods have been exhausted. Patients who are young have the greatest ability to lose weight and thus liposuction should be the last resort. Importantly, liposuction should not be considered a weight loss procedure.

Another pitfall in considering liposuction in the young patient is the fact that such young women and men are unfortunately confronted with the expectation of an unrealistic body image on social media which may prompt them to consider liposuction. Undergoing liposuction for this reason is fraught with potential problems and therefore a frank discussion with an experienced liposuction surgeon is warranted.

Is there an age maximum for liposuction surgery?

Similarly, there is no age limit for liposuction surgery, as long as adequate precautions are taken. Consideration should be taken for coexisting illnesses, medication that the patient is taking that may interfere with medication used during liposuction surgery, blood thinners that may cause significant blood loss during the procedure, and also the quality of the skin in older age that may give a suboptimal result after liposuction. Consultation with an experienced liposuction surgeon should be performed prior to rushing into the liposuction procedure. Beyond a certain age, baseline blood tests may be in order. Liposuction surgeons may require medical clearance from your physician prior to agreeing to perform the liposuction procedure.